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The police torture four employees to admit that they have not committed robbery. Just when they feel soothing that an honest policeman saves them can they have the worst yet to come.

Release date: 5 February 2016 (India)

Director: Vetrimaaran

Based on: Lock Up; by M. Chandrakumar

Music director: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Awards: National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil,

Visaaranai is a tough and uncompromising account of misuse of influence. When the movie begins, we're looking at a migrant from the park where his friends (their way to save money that they might have to spend on a residence) in Andhra Pradesh during the wee hours of the morning and running to open a provisional shop where he works. When he starts the film, Pandi (an efficient Dinesh). It's not dawn yet, but Pandi is late for the owner of the shop. A group of men come to the shop for the address, but Pandi makes them Tamil Nadu cops and tries to get away from their agenda.


Moments later, the group moves on, a man goes and asks him whether his name is Pandi. As soon as he responds yes, Pandi is picked up by his neck and forced into a waiting car, where his friends sit hollowly and tell Pandi not to do something stupid because the men in the car are cops. They are taken to the police station, where suddenly the cops begin to beat them without any problems.


All that happens in the first 10 minutes of the movie and we're not as clue about why they're treated like that as a group of friends. Pandi thinks they are troubled because he shouted to the girl he is in love with (Anandhi in cameo)—domestic help at a policeman's house—in public during the previous night to help her get away from her employer. They are in trouble. But then they stumble over another friend who says he was back in the night, watching a film when the cops captured him, beating him mercilessly and asked him to confess he would steal from a house.


Only then do you realize that you are in a stupid situation. Torture and beatings continue, but a determined Pandi forces it not to accept the charge because it did not commit any mistake. However, cops under pressure as robbery occurred in a relative's house of a higher official, want to "close the case" because it is easier and convenient to close the case than actually to solve it by making Pandi and his friends accept the crime. And the unfortunate group that gets a glimmer of hope when Muthuvel, the Nadu Tamil cop Pandi found in his shop, manages to get rid of their position (Kishore), a white collar criminal with political connections — but only end up entrapped in a far more sinister situation from where there is no escape.


Based on the Lock- Up novel from M. Chandrakumar, Visaaranai developed into two clearly divided halves, and in the second half there were antagonists replacements, as we had seen in Vetri Maaran's Polladhavan and Aadukalam. Indeed, during the second half, we feel that when the subplot involving KK develops, we have moved on to another film. Our protagonist nearly wanes into the background and may not be completely over to remind us now and then.


KK is probably the most poignant person in the film full of tragic figures and Kishore plays this character so understatedly that he cares of us even if we know he'll get our protagonists deeper into trouble. He knows the game he plays and knows that both he and Muthuvel are mere pawns in the game, which he also pointed out to the other. When he realized he was condemned by his own 'friends,' he still found it a shock for us, since this character seemed mainly to exist until then to show us how the poor are treated together.


But the great second half, with which the edge-of-the-seat thriller could easily have stopped, gives the film its moral weight. Vetri Maaran forces us to analyze the characters' actions, to question the injustice of everything and to be upset at how the system works. His policemen are exactly the opposite of those who have been harded by the system and have realized in Gautham Menon's films that the only way to survive is to use the system. Like the bass cop that breaks into a mini-preferences about how the value of human life can be achieved by killing a few lives.


We see these men performing suicide and shootings cold-bloodedly, guilty with hardly any, and realizing instantly the fate of a "decent" cop such as Muthuvel who wants to keep his integrity in a world where that trait has no place. When the screen finally turns black we feel like we were shot in a blank space, and it's the success of Vetri Maaran.



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